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Do you have contracts?
No, we do not have contracts. We simply have a 30-day cancellation policy that you can execute at anytime, in the facility or over email, with one of our team members.

Do you have initiation fees?
No, we do not have initiation fees or cancellation fees. We don't believe in charging people extra.

What membership types do you have?
You can view all memberships types and any current deals by clicking here.

If I sign up, will I have access to all of your future locations?
Absolutely! We plan on expanding and with that you can have a membership at one location and go to our others.

How do I sign up for a membership?
You can easily sign up for a membership online or one of our team members within the facility can sign you up in the office.

How long does it take to sign up for a membership?
If you sign up online or in person, it should take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. We don't do sales and there is no paperwork to sign. So, you will be in and out and on with your day in no time.

Are there discounts for adding additional family members to a membership?
While one of our top priorities is being the most affordable HIIT studio around, we do require that each member has their own membership and at this time we do not offer couple or family discounts. But please contact a team member in case that has changed.


I'm new to working out. What fitness level are your classes geared towards?
All of our classes were designed for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. You can be brand new to working out or an avid fitness enthusiast and our workouts will challenge you just enough. Every workout is go at your own pace. So, it will be a different experience for everone.

Do your instructors correct form?
Your safety is our #1 priority and all of our instructors are trained to ensure each and every member is provided with the safest workout experience possible. So, if an instructor corrects your form or with your permission has to manually or verbally correct you, it is 100% for your benefit and safety.

Is there an instructor leading the class?
Absolutely! Not only will you have an instructor with you but each station has a tablet that also shows the exercise that you will be doing at that specific station if you need a little reminder.

Are your classes really 50 minutes?
Yes, our classes will range from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the individual and the workout. All workouts are predetermined but some members will get through the workout faster or slow than others. But we want everyone to feel comfortable and go at their own pace.

What does it mean that you have no class times?
Our no class time system means you can show up ANYTIME during our class windows. Meaning you will start your class when you show up. It does not have to be right on the hour like most traditional HIIT studios.

Do I still have to sign up for a class?
Yes, we do ask that our members sign into the class window in which they plan on showing up. For example, if you plan on coming at 6:30pm. you would sign into the 6:00pm - 7:00pm class window. This helps our instructor plan ahead if you or any of your guest have any special request or health abnormalities that we need to account for.

Do you charge for no shows to classes?
We absolutely DO NOT charge extra for no shows to classes. Life happens and we understand that. If you sign up for a class window and cannot make it we will look forward to seeing you next time!

Will I be doing the same workout everytime I come?
Never will you ever do the same workout twice. Our fitness model focuses on muscle confusion; which means every workout will be different but all going towards pushing you to improve your health, fitness and overall look. Each day of the week is a different workout focus so that you can build the workout experience you want.
Monday - Full Body
Tuesday - Upper Body
Wednesday - Lower Body
Thursday - Core & Cardio
Friday - Dynamic
Saturday - HIIT